‘Gunman’ locks down Guildford Grammar http://t.co/dh0fXqESEb Western Australia.
Lumia 530 lands in Vietnam for just $110 http://t.co/KkZx2uYtPi Vietnam.
Eh Lake Wanaka lah Wanaka.
T Magazine: Beauty Guru Tata Harper’s Guide to Vermont, Her Home State http://t.co/ieSPuTlUda #travel Vermont.
Yes please. "@Earth_Pics: In the canals of Venice http://t.co/C1HF1sTEaK" Venice.
Discover the universe of the French author Raphael #Vancouver.. http://t.co/P4qq6N4Jcq @ABCNews @newyork_newss @NewYorkCittyy @villagevoice Vancouver.
#socialmedia US: Utah language school fires blogger for writing ut 'homophones' - http://t.co/BpIj05MoTt: Ne... http://t.co/ODgbhNq3Zz Utah.
Ubud is so fab, could stay here for ages Ubud.
Session on end of life care at #oewg5. Ex. of Korea, Argentina, Uganda and Australia. I mentioned our new national program & care standard Uganda.
Over 2 dagen naar Turkey 👌☀️ #Kayseri #Mersin #Ankara Turkey.
RT @Lost_Visions: Tiger - 'To the Snows of Tibet through China' (1892) http://t.co/us8ROuDQxG #InternationalTigerDay #tigerday http://t.co/… Tibet.
Need to get back to Thailand 😤 Thailand.
#nieuws 15 doden en 228 gewonden door explosies Taiwan - Nieuws http://t.co/mcPXTpx9kV #nieuwstwitter Taiwan.
New roommate,she's from Switzerland. ^^ [pic] — https://t.co/S1HSVlHV1M Switzerland.
Un journaliste et un avocat lourdement condamnés au Swaziland http://t.co/YYH3aW4ZBp #swaziland via @allafricafrench #afrique Swaziland.
THIS. ♫ Stockholm Syndrome – Muse http://t.co/GA02UcU9W2 #NowPlaying Stockholm.
“@Forbes:The most popular cities to visit: 1. London 2. Bangkok 3. Paris More: http://t.co/772W6O1E0Z” London top? @Domzilla @theguidedone Singapore.
RT @willhopgood1: “@ScottTownsend24: Scott mason slept with a prostitute in Sri Lanka 😂” HES GOT A WEAPON THATS WHY Sri Lanka.
A typical African sunset, across the plains of the Serengeti. Except I took this from central Guildford, Surrey,... http://t.co/Gj3wI7yfTm Serengeti.
RT @izaka93: Senegal Congo Mali Guinée Cote d'ivoire Maroc Algerie Tunisie Reunion Comores >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>… Senegal.
@LFCdavejones @Jay_78_ @ConnorwilsonLFC @Ceri23_LFC Ayre is definitely there but could be travelling on to Seville for Moreno talks Seville.
What do you get if you cross the #UK with the #Mediterranean? #Tresco, one of the #IslesofScilly... http://t.co/BKsM1GTp7s #travel Scilly Isles.
A short film revealing the dramatic beauty of the remote Knoydart peninsula in the Scottish Highlands. http://t.co/PRQrE55wXu Scottish Highlands.
Ikona Solidarności gorsza od aktywisty gejowskiego. Nie będzie już ulicy Lecha Wałęsy w San Francisco. http://t.co/wezQBO0xCg San Francisco.
RT @TimesSport: Katy Mclean named captain as England start World Cup journey against Samoa http://t.co/S02boQOjKo Samoa.
Florida USA Saint Petersburg http://t.co/Kbue9VULdw #Ebola BREAKING NEWS 576 Ebola 2nd American infected with Ebola amid fears of outbreak … Saint Petersburg.
#chittorgarh fort walls #rajasthan #india http://t.co/EACJvzvCSv Rajasthan.
Prague is beautiful. Prague.
Photo: portu-galo: Praia Dona Ana, Algarve, Portugal http://t.co/W1oGKdLo8d Portugal.
RT @davidicke: Lunacy: Cameron likens Russia’s actions in Ukraine to Germany's that sparked two world wars: http://t.co/sb3KnrQDYz http://t… Poland.

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Photos and text on the major towns and cities of Great Britain, the United Kingdom (UK), or just Britain if you prefer. Towns are augmented by scrollable maps and tweets from twitter concerning that town. Towns are selected firstly by population size then by other factors. There are some gaps it is true - due to missing information from the sites where this was drawn. Britains towns and cities come in all shapes and sizes - the largest city London accounts for a large part of the population of the South East of the country, around it some smaller feeder towns of around 100,000 people. Further North there are more larger cities in a broader spread - Yorkshire, the North East and around Manchester having a high population density and quite a number of towns. Scotland and Wales are represented too, but their smaller populations and towns mean that the majority of towns shown are in England. Northern Ireland is not represented here ... perhaps another site for Ireland sometime... Britain is the ninth largest island in the world and the largest in Europe. It has a combined population of around 60 million people (2009) and is the third most populated island in the world. London, Cardiff and Edinburgh are the capital towns of England, Wales and Scotland respectively. It is separated from mainland Europe by the North Sea (English Channel) and from Ireland by the Irish Sea. Geographically, the island is marked by low, rolling countryside in the east and south, while hills and mountains predominate in the western and northern regions Through the years there have been the following counties in England. Some of these have now been merged or removed.