RT @homacicom: Amazing Single Floor Home in Wroclaw, Poland http://t.co/zXKI2cBeht http://t.co/DWeeEjw4jR Poland.
RT @zaynmalik: These are so sick ! Thankyou @endlesslybright @NycolleCV #peru :) http://t.co/orBuUWHXfx Peru.
@jacobuluwehi @SLeguil @patagonia_flora wow!!!! Patagonia.
@SabzNelson We do have a day trip to Paris planned so that will be nice! Paris.
#Syria refugee flood to Turkey hits 100,000 http://t.co/F6RlTy8BD5 #tehran #Iran #Iraq #oman Oman.
@TheAmazingChina @Hetalia_Norway, no. You said "I'll eat you" to me. I jokingly replied that that that was kinky. I never even mentioned --- Norway.
@Bflucky @ProfPaulKrugman @ViralSpell it was. Off Ningaloo Reef, W Australia. I had a real buzz for several days. Ningaloo.
PLUG TIME thinking of motorhoming in australia, new zealand or the pacific islands? you may want to read this... http://t.co/yspJBwI2LW New Zealand.
RT @BALENCIAGA: Mr. CORY MICHAEL SMITH wears a #BALENCIAGA ensemble to the #GOTHAM premiere in New York City. http://t.co/EU9QtPFlAT New York.
honingkut - honingkut (31 jaar) Woonplaats: denhaag Land: Netherlands Geaardheid: hetero Kleur haar: b... http://t.co/0OjD7PCSA0 Netherlands.
Happy world #RhinoDay! Help support ZSL by watching & RT this amazing film https://t.co/Oei0odlow8 @EarthTouch #AsianRhino #Chitwan #Nepal Nepal.
RT @DanielGennaoui: The fairy circles of #Namibia, a mysterious occurrence. Read ut it: http://t.co/PPeGwXd7P4 #travel #interesting htt… Namibia.
RT @NatureIco: ‘Putin on our side’: @Nigel_Farage demands West work with Moscow to defeat ISIS http://t.co/LEPXDhWevj http://t.co/luY8ISWo… Moscow.
#MusicHourUK @musicHourUk Hi, please give my latest release a listen - "Quicksilver/Science" https://t.co/Lo6n8BjUXL #newMusic #electronica Morocco.
RT @PatBensonAuthor: #Amazing #picture of #Mongolia #beautifulpictures #nature #fascination #world http://t.co/JhCuwHXVd9 Mongolia.
Oliver Woods - Mexico [FREE] http://t.co/nskCT1RzUe Mexico.
When you need to RT someone who is so unavailable they may as well be in Micronesia :| Micronesia.
Melbourne is used to be called Batmania,the perfect area to import the batmobile to.Ship yours from the UK.#Batmania http://t.co/hIPRLsC7WA Melbourne.
Teen Is 13th To Drown Off Mauritius This Year http://t.co/r5Y9oVjRQO Mauritius.
RT @DazedMagazine: Beloved Texan landmark Prada Marfa has escaped destruction: http://t.co/9zVjxqaL44 http://t.co/Afy59TxeAm Marfa.
RT @maeldiong: Ojd grand jour indépendance du Mali . Mali.
RT @lesxviezvous_: La mer d’étoiles sur l’île Vaadhoo, aux Maldives (ce sont en fait des animaux marins vivant, les phytoplanctons). http:/… Maldives.
RT @ChrisEnnew: Islamic fi goes global, but Malaysia still leads the way http://t.co/nhPDsJhwRq via @ConversationUK @ChrisEnnew @Nafis… Malaysia.
RT @TomaszRudomino: sailor @leica_camera @LeicaCameraFR #Japan #Madagascar #Kenya endless journey @Fascinatingpics @CNTraveler @NatGeo http… Madagascar.
RT @Gabriele_Corno: Storm on the sea @ Lofoten Islands #Norway by Yan L http://t.co/nksh3UmukS Lofoten.
Rivers Says 'Ashamed' Gibson Deserves To Die http://t.co/1TV57duJG1 #Israel #Lebanon Lebanon.
Reindeer in Lapland http://t.co/iBEXH9XgM0 #forest http://t.co/xDegWZ8c7Z Lapland.
A newspaper in Laos in South Asia is looking for [voluntary] copy editors. http://t.co/naSgM365Bf Laos.
When Modi raised Chinese incursions at Ladakh for the 2nd time/2days, Xi told him he had directed troops to pull back http://t.co/uQ3ayv5db3 Ladakh.
just returned from lake district just fab,hills-mountains-lakes-country- lovely villages and people. Lake District.

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Photos and text on the major towns and cities of Great Britain, the United Kingdom (UK), or just Britain if you prefer. Towns are augmented by scrollable maps and tweets from twitter concerning that town. Towns are selected firstly by population size then by other factors. There are some gaps it is true - due to missing information from the sites where this was drawn. Britains towns and cities come in all shapes and sizes - the largest city London accounts for a large part of the population of the South East of the country, around it some smaller feeder towns of around 100,000 people. Further North there are more larger cities in a broader spread - Yorkshire, the North East and around Manchester having a high population density and quite a number of towns. Scotland and Wales are represented too, but their smaller populations and towns mean that the majority of towns shown are in England. Northern Ireland is not represented here ... perhaps another site for Ireland sometime... Britain is the ninth largest island in the world and the largest in Europe. It has a combined population of around 60 million people (2009) and is the third most populated island in the world. London, Cardiff and Edinburgh are the capital towns of England, Wales and Scotland respectively. It is separated from mainland Europe by the North Sea (English Channel) and from Ireland by the Irish Sea. Geographically, the island is marked by low, rolling countryside in the east and south, while hills and mountains predominate in the western and northern regions Through the years there have been the following counties in England. Some of these have now been merged or removed.