Maldonado se culpa del incidente en boxes en los libres de China China.
RT @Charlesfrize: #Croatia - The Jewel In The #Mediterranean #Travel #Social ! #brand @Charlesfrize @Frizemedia @Dynamicfrize… Croatia.
@LovChachou c'était miss côté d'azur genre????? Cote d'Azur.
@Alpha118 @Joshua__Evans @MichaelFunnell we go out into the Canadian Rockies, cover ourselves in honey #LASTONETOBEEATENBYABEARWINS Canadian Rockies.
RT @UCLan: #TheUCLanExperience: The 2014 International Fieldwork Group in Siem Reap, Cambodia for two weeks” @THE_UC… Cambodia.
@chentz78 giving his first talk @CWInl PEM. Welcome to our guest working on grammar based testing from UFRn Brazil! Brazil.
RT @liamblackburn: Glorious day and imagine it's even better in Blackpool. Could be a perfect setting for Burnley today #twitterclarets Blackpool.
RT @bl_eap: Blog: 800 Buddhist manuscripts from Bhutan digitised & available online #endangeredarchives… Bhutan.
RT @Gabriele_Corno: Nebel-Naab, Bavaria , Germany by Rudi Restless #mystic #spring Bavaria.
#tbt#barbados#2010#hubbyforlife#traveldiaries#seetheworld#insta# You only live once .....but if you do… Barbados.
RT @RTNBA: Prayers out for Craig Sager... He was diagnosed with Leukemia Austin.
"@DebuPerronita : @sebastianrulli - Lo Que La Vida Me Robo grabando en argentina - back 1 parte: vía @YouTube" Argentina.
why doesn't anyone own Antarctica like that is my dream Antarctica.
@ProsperMasau kama vipi iwe nchi moja, hakuna cha zanzibar wala raisi wake, wabaki kuwa raia wa TZ kama wa Bara! Zanzibar.
RT @TelegraphNews: Photos show when crocodiles and hippos came face to face in Zambia (Marc Mol/Mercury Press) http:… Zambia.
RT @LetBritainFly: Australia announces new airport for Sydney after 50 years of dithering - will the UK now follow their lead:… Western Australia.
Flights booked for Vietnam in just over a month with @gdavey94 #divingfordays 🐙🐡🐚🐠🌅🌅🌅 #cantwait Vietnam.
RT @Gabriele_Corno: Lake Wanaka during golden hour, New Zealand by Munzer Shamsul Wanaka.
Wrong hole!!! "@vilencee: Seen this in Vienna today. Caption it hahahah" Vienna.
RT @Gabriele_Corno: Piazza San Marco, Venice by M.Fecchio #mystic #morning #alone Venice.
#MixOnline Arup, McCune Reinforce Vancouver TED2014 Conference with Meyer Sound M’elodie: Fo... #ProAudio #News Vancouver.
Utah has among nation's highest payday loan rates, study shows - Salt Lake Tribune Utah.
Going from Aus to Asia is the best thing! Everything here is so cheap!!! #dolphinswim #gili #ubud #cheapfoodandbooze Ubud.
New paper by Sophie King: The political economy of social accountability in rural Uganda Uganda.
#technos Is Turkey Really Going to 'Pixellate' Tweets It Doesn't Like? Turkey.
@HalfBlackJesus read "Little Princes" by Conor Grennan. Not Tibet but still pretty cool. Tibet.
RT @Gabriele_Corno: Sakura Tunnel @ Taiwan #spring Taiwan.
RT @eurovisionation: @w12plive MY FAVOURITE! I love this :) #sebalter #Switzerland #Eurovision #hunterofstars Switzerland.
The Swazi police have arrested Mozambicans who were allegedly in #Swaziland illegally, while they were on their way to register as voters, Swaziland.

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Photos and text on the major towns and cities of Great Britain, the United Kingdom (UK), or just Britain if you prefer. Towns are augmented by scrollable maps and tweets from twitter concerning that town. Towns are selected firstly by population size then by other factors. There are some gaps it is true - due to missing information from the sites where this was drawn. Britains towns and cities come in all shapes and sizes - the largest city London accounts for a large part of the population of the South East of the country, around it some smaller feeder towns of around 100,000 people. Further North there are more larger cities in a broader spread - Yorkshire, the North East and around Manchester having a high population density and quite a number of towns. Scotland and Wales are represented too, but their smaller populations and towns mean that the majority of towns shown are in England. Northern Ireland is not represented here ... perhaps another site for Ireland sometime... Britain is the ninth largest island in the world and the largest in Europe. It has a combined population of around 60 million people (2009) and is the third most populated island in the world. London, Cardiff and Edinburgh are the capital towns of England, Wales and Scotland respectively. It is separated from mainland Europe by the North Sea (English Channel) and from Ireland by the Irish Sea. Geographically, the island is marked by low, rolling countryside in the east and south, while hills and mountains predominate in the western and northern regions Through the years there have been the following counties in England. Some of these have now been merged or removed.