Why #hybrid and electric cars are helping Japan fight its way back into the Chinese market. #automotive #LoveHybrid http://t.co/xtIqgUeBbn Japan.
RT @BBCFarayi: Full-Time: Malawi 71-50 Nothern Ireland #Netball #Glasgow2014 Ireland.
RT @MayaGoodfellow: Indonesia's suppression of West Papuans-will anything change under Jokowi? http://t.co/SFqrnu8XPX #WestPapua (via @suig… Indonesia.
RT @BBCWorld: Indian doctors remove 232 teeth from the mouth of boy with "rare condition" http://t.co/2MAeBRzVkz http://t.co/T5NTrgRD2y India.
RT @DanielGennaoui: An incredible Glacier cave in Iceland. This page has the most beautiful Earth shots: http://t.co/i98B2nFH5f #nature htt… Iceland.
STATE OF HAWAII LIVE RADAR IMAGE - WEDNESDAY, JULY 23RD ~ http://t.co/9netb5LkPh ~ http://t.co/WKsik6848w Hawaii.
It's #chocolate week in #Grenada Aug 18 - 24, learn ut cocoa & indulge in choc' homemade ice-cream @BelmontEstates http://t.co/h7kTXoSJbo Grenada.
RT @NotSoNormalMum: Fancy last min holiday in French Alps, by Lake Annecy? Large 3 bed mob home avail NOW for 2 wks in 4* campsite http://t… French Alps.
Greek Islands know Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, this is excellent Greek Islands.
RT @Dame_Rouge: .@ofervi - "La Pêche des perles" (1570-1572) par #Alessandro_Allori (1535-1607) #Palazzo_Vecchio #Florence #Italie http://t… Florence.
RT @ElfynEvans: Good test ahead of Finland today. Catch some of the action here http://t.co/wRESEBIizJ Finland.
Why are these blatant white fellas from like Bolton or something walking out with Fiji and Samoa? Fiji.
Accelerating investment in Africa: #Ethiopia gains big with Indian FDI http://t.co/BdAu9bJmvY promota Magazine Ethiopia.
#ISupportGaza because Even Sissi is helpless. His country Egypt is bankrolled by UAE & Saudi ATM machines Egypt.
RT @Louis_Tomlinson: What a great game this is !! You have to credit Costa Rica , they have done really well this World Cup ! Costa Rica.
"We are happy to let you know that we would like to exhibit your work." Kalopsia Gallery in Leith, Edinburgh between the 8th - 31st of Aug Edinburgh.
RT @silvilunazul: Las nuevas normas en las importaciones 4x4 http://t.co/xc98VzKpMe Ecuador.
Corsica @billgage1 #summer http://t.co/dqcTVn8btt Corsica.
@jemstar24 @Disneyland @petepetepatpat boo hoo mrs it looks amazing Disneyland.
RT @idfelite: Liberman on UN: "When countries like Cuba and Venezuela.... are voting against us [Israel] - it's a sign that we are doing th… Cuba.
RT @sarahgalerie: #wildswim #cornwall Not enough wind to sail this evening, but perfect for an evening dip. http://t.co/XjDFsuEXmW Cornwall.
China's Gold Demand Drops in First Half on Investments - Businessweek http://t.co/shEyj7VRTV China.
RT @BBCSport: #MCFC U21s walk off the pitch in a pre-season friendly in Croatia after an alleged incident of racial abuse http://t.co/fEYKA… Croatia.
RT @nathanou: Côte d'Azur: arrestation d'un chef de la mafia calabraise http://t.co/mitS2dlRUE Cote d'Azur.
Night Sky over Moraine Lake, Canadian Rockies Canadian Rockies.
That's the perfect way of finishing the day... Me, the sea and C de Gata!!! #almeria #summertime http://t.co/p89uvTJ28q C de Gata.
RT @UoGSport: Megan Goddard will be joining the 4 @UoGSport students going to Brazil for the World University Championships in rugby 7s! 1/2 Brazil.
RT @hjortur: A4: Australia. (That's an island, right?) And NZ, N and S. And Papua New Guniea. And Borneo. And Madagaskar, Reunion, Svalbard… Borneo.
Route home from blackpool Blackpool.
So many choices for a trip in September! We can't decide! @LucyMyze #bhutan #mongolia #burma #travelchoices #travellist @lonelyplanet Bhutan.

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Photos and text on the major towns and cities of Great Britain, the United Kingdom (UK), or just Britain if you prefer. Towns are augmented by scrollable maps and tweets from twitter concerning that town. Towns are selected firstly by population size then by other factors. There are some gaps it is true - due to missing information from the sites where this was drawn. Britains towns and cities come in all shapes and sizes - the largest city London accounts for a large part of the population of the South East of the country, around it some smaller feeder towns of around 100,000 people. Further North there are more larger cities in a broader spread - Yorkshire, the North East and around Manchester having a high population density and quite a number of towns. Scotland and Wales are represented too, but their smaller populations and towns mean that the majority of towns shown are in England. Northern Ireland is not represented here ... perhaps another site for Ireland sometime... Britain is the ninth largest island in the world and the largest in Europe. It has a combined population of around 60 million people (2009) and is the third most populated island in the world. London, Cardiff and Edinburgh are the capital towns of England, Wales and Scotland respectively. It is separated from mainland Europe by the North Sea (English Channel) and from Ireland by the Irish Sea. Geographically, the island is marked by low, rolling countryside in the east and south, while hills and mountains predominate in the western and northern regions Through the years there have been the following counties in England. Some of these have now been merged or removed.